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The 4 Seasons Chi Kung Extended Summer set is 1 of 4 sets of health rejuvenating exercises combined in a specific sequence throughout the year to positively influence digestive function, spinal column health, flexibility, balance and mental focus

The Extended Summer Set refers to a 5th season – a hidden season that is fundamental, centering and transitionally supportive. This 5th season affects the Spleen-pancreas and Stomach, better thought of as  the digestive system (corresponding to the mouth, body mass and  extremities). The Spleen-Pancreas and Stomach function to transform and  transport nourishment out from the center to the extremities.

Here in New England, we have a term called Indian Summer – a period of unseasonably warm weather during the fall. Although Extended Summer follows the Summer season chronologically, the design of  this chi kung set is energetically influenced by 5 element theory. This  set is practiced throughout the year as a centering foundation to  support the body through the energetic transitions occurring from one  season to the next. The movements condition and open the center of the  body and spread the body’s energy outward.

When practicing this set with intent to condition the Spleen-pancreas / Stomach: based on 5 element principles the Spleen corresponds to the Earth  Element with a centering or core influence. Correspondence also includes  the mid torso or middle burner functionally related to digestion.

Triple Burner – A Traditional Chinese Medical model  that is outside the 5 Element model predominately used for the 4 Seasons  Chi Kung sets. The Triple Burner corresponds to 3 divisions of the  torso particularly related to function occuring in those regions.

  • Upper Torso / Upper Burner function (Lungs & Heart): to cook or process air. Air is inhaled and exhaled through the lungs, blood is oxygenated and circulated by the heart.
  • Mid Torso / Middle Burner function (Spleen-pancreas, Stomach, Liver): to cook or process food. Food is broken down (digested), absorbed and  circulated to the liver and then transported out to the extremities /  whole body.
  • Lower Torso / Lower Burner function (Kidneys, Bladder, Intestines, Liver): to eliminate waste and toxins and expel it out of the body via urination and bowel movements.

Note: Under the principles of the Triple Burner model the Liver can correspond to the Middle Burner and Lower Burner.

When practicing this set with intent to condition the Triple Burner: based on Triple Burner principles you a larger generalized influence on  the entire body (Upper, Middle and Lower Burners) with this single set.

Releasing Sounds (see 6 Releasing Sounds reference):

  • Spleen – Hu (who) or Fu (foo)
  • Triple Burner – Xi (shee)

The forms are performed in order sequentially as listed in the lessons below at a slow, continuous and flowing pace.

Note: there is an Opening and Closing form to the set. When combining additional 4 Seasons Chi Kung sets  together in a series the Opening and Closing forms are typically  performed only once at the beginning and once at end of the series  instead of per each individual set.

Defining Terms:

  • Form – a short, repetitive movement.
  • Set – a sequence of separate forms or movements strung together and fluidly performed from one form to the next.
  • Series – a sequence of separate sets strung together and fluidly performed from one series to the next

Read through the additional course documents. The Handout is a step by  step instructional guide for each form in the Spring set. The Poster  document n be used as a reminder of each form in the set.

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Christopher Carlow, DAOM
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