7 Emotions Meditation – Spread the Knotted Energy Pattern of Pensiveness (over-thinking)

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Extend and Spread the Knotted and Stuck Emotional Pattern of Pensiveness (over-thinking)

In this audio track Dr Chris talks you through a guided meditation  that brings awareness to the stuck energy pattern experienced when  feeling pensiveness. This meditation helps you extend and spread your  natural energy called qi and helps you experience a deeper sense of  relaxation to support your mental emotional health.

Emotions have a great influence on our health and well-being. In Chi Kung and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emotions are often considered the root-cause of many health  problems. Good health is about good circulation of qi – the vital life  force that circulates and supports body function. When qi is impeded or  blocked, pain can result and disease can take root.

Emotions can be translated into energy patterns that can rise,  scatter, knot, weaken, sink, or drain the body’s qi or vital life force.  Emotions are normal but problems can arise when emotions become  excessive.  Awareness and prevention are the keys to greater health. 7  Emotions meditations can help you become aware of any unhealthy  emotional energy patterns. The meditations can be used as preventive  practices to redirect, balance and restore qi flow to better support  your health.

This 7 emotions meditative awareness guide is formatted as an audio  track that will talk you through a meditative process to relax and unify  the body, mind and breath. This meditation can help you develop a  deeper mind-body connection and bring balance to disturbing emotional  energy patterns. This self-care tool puts you in control. It allows you  to take preventive measures to better support your health. Continual  practice will help you develop a deeper sense of awareness about you and  your healthcare needs.

Overview on Pensiveness

Associations: over-thinking, ruminating, concentration.

Imbalance: stuckness / knots qi.

Corrective Therapeutic Action: Extend and Spread qi out to the extremities.

Typical Symptoms:

  • poor appetite
  • abdominal pain or distention
  • loose stools
  • fatigue, lethargy, and inability to concentrate.
  • a feeling of heaviness, bloating, general tiredness
  • tiredness after eating
  • low appetite
  • weak limbs,
  • thin muscles
  • possible edema
  • unable to change
  • lack of center or balance
  • worry a lot
  • unresolved feelings
  • obsessive-compulsive
  • confuses sympathy for empathy
  • failure of imagination or understanding
  • difficulty focusing or concentrating
  • not feeling nourished
  • over eating

Body Region Influences:

  • Spleen
  • Abdomen
  • Diaphragm
  • Center (not feeling centered)
  • Mouth

Spleen TCM Function: transforming and transporting food into qi and blood / nourishing.

What's included?

5 PDFs
2 Audios

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Christopher Carlow, DAOM
Christopher Carlow, DAOM
Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Tai Chi / Chi Kung Instructor

About the instructor

I am all about "all things natural". Especially when it comes to health and well-being. I believe the best path to greater health is built on early practices in preventive, natural choices in therapies, exploring higher levels of awareness and integrating them into nurturing self-care practices.

I want to share these wonderful natural healing principles that I've learned over the years as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a Tai Chi / Chi Kung (qigong) Instructor.

If you too are all about making natural choices for yourself when it comes to health care then check out my courses and explore my Wellness Blog for great tips, news and events that will stimulate your awareness and help you take control of your health natura

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